Thursday, October 6, 2011

Terrific Thursday

My week has been exhausting:  classes and the play are driving me a bit crazy.  But just seeing this can make my day or week:
What a sweetie!  She's got the wild hair happening, which I love. And that onesie makes me happy, too!  

Lady Bug's mama is headed back to work today.  She is finally starting her new job as a principal.  K is dreading leaving the little Bug at the sitter's house.  I remember feeling that way, too.   I hope they both adjust quickly!  

Let's hope it is a terrific Thursday for all of us! 


Kim said...

It will be harder on K than on Lady Bug. Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers K's way today! (That Lady Bug sure is a cutey!)

FlowerLady said...

She is a cutie pie and I hope her Mama does well with this first day of separation. May she enjoy being principal too.


Kitty M said...

Simply gorgeous Mrs E- I love checking in to see her latest photos and it gives me a baby girl clothing fix :-) Can't believe how quickly these little ones are growing!