Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Celebrating Christmas

We've spent several days celebrating Christmas.  We've been to several family gatherings--and hosted a few ourselves.  Here is a look:
Come right on in.  (By the way, the right half of these lights died on Christmas evening.The Mr. would tell you that's why he shouldn't have to put them up to begin with. Nice try, Bud.)
This was how the Bug arrived on Christmas morning. (Just in time for breakfast!)
It took about 30 seconds for Auntie L to free her from her car seat.  Such a sweet little elf.  Her aunt had been anxiously awaiting her arrival.  (I'm sure L was that excited for Santa at some point in her life, but then again--I'm not sure....!)
Baxter had to check out the Lady Bug in her new ride.  (And the Bug had to have help from Papa to stay upright in her wagon.)
Buggy only went through about four outfits on Christmas Day.  See the moistness around the mouth?  Drooling and spitting up soaked her in nothing flat. Even with a bib. Even with a burp cloth.  The child just leaks fluids.

We ate, opened presents, ate some more, cleaned up and repeated several times.  More Christmas to come, but for right now this is all I can manage.  I am one tired Mom and Nana CoCo. 

And to all a good night!  zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


FlowerLady said...

Little Miss Lady Bug is so sweet. I know you all had a wonderful first Christmas with her.


Kim said...

I enjoyed the Lady Bug fashion show (and my kids were definitely "leakers" so I understand)! I always had plenty of clothes for them. It was me who ended up looking (and smelling) less than fresh by the end of the day. Looks like a fun-filled Christmas to me!

Dandy said...

That first picture is too adorable and the it just keeps getting better!