Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Memories of Christmas 2011

This hits the highlights:

*Christmas at the farm included the great nephews.  They are so cute and so much fun.  We enjoyed appetizers and soup with the siblings and my nieces and nephews.  West Point nephew was home, too.  K and L missed out on the fun.

*L rolled in a few days before Christmas, nursing a pretty good cold.  She went to Christmas Eve service with us.  She also ended up assembling the Lady Bug's little red wagon and doing a few cooking duties.

*We had a beautiful supper with the Mr.'s little brother, the sister-in-law, the nephews and some of their friends.  Then they made a trip to Tiny Town to see the Lady Bug after Christmas, too. 

*Christmas morning K, CT, and the Bug made it to our house for breakfast.  We had a lazy, sweet day.  Playing with the Lady Bug's toys was great fun!

*The Little Big Brother, his wife, and daughters came for Super Nachos and Christmas snacks after Christmas.  They wanted to see the little Bug, too--they had missed her at the farm.  It's kind of nice to have that little one, as we see more of both our families these days!

*L did some babysitting at our house, so K and CT could do a little after Christmas shopping.  That was pretty tough to take!  Yeah, right. 

*K, L, the Bug and I made a trip to Big City.  We helped L haul her Christmas gifts up three flights.  Then we stopped in to see Crazy Cousin Ree from Virginia, her saintly husband, and West Coast son.  We were also able to check up on a dear Uncle (Crazy Ree's Dad) who had scared the daylights out of us this fall.  We were also worried about sweet Aunt C.  (We know Uncle doesn't wear being a patient very well!)  It was good to see all of them.  It doesn't happen often enough!

*Today's news is that my West Coast niece FINALLY delivered another new baby girl to our family.  We have been patiently (OK, maybe not!) waiting for little Vivian's arrival.  There are now 3 great boys and 3 great girls in the next generation.  Just wish two of those girls weren't so far away!

I'm enjoying a slow day today!  Things are strangely quiet and somewhat clean.  I've got a few things to do before the end of the week, but today I am taking it easy!  It's a tough job.  One I think I can handle! Oh, and I've got good company!
I love that little face!


S. Etole said...

Love that little doggie! Blessings for a wonderful New Year.

Dandy said...

What a great list of fun. I've noticed that we see a lot more family now that Peanut is here. It's definitely a plus :)

Anonymous said...

Hey,hey,hey.......Now who's calling WHO CRAZY??? You forgot to mention my BEAUTIFUL earrings I was wearring! Thanks for the GREAT visit!!! Love you...CrAzY or NOT!