Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Saga of the Kindergarten Teacher

L has been off to a rough start.  Let's see...

1.  She still has her "boot."  Her ankle has not healed from last spring's Field Day.  She has been to several Dr.'s who finally decided she had a partially torn ligament in her ankle.  She was on crutches for several weeks.  Nothing has helped.  Finally, they are sending her on to an orthopedic surgeon.  And then...

2.  About two weeks ago, L started having a terrible cough.  She couldn't sleep.  She tried to get into her Dr., but they didn't return her call so she went to Urgent Care.  They gave her some pills for the coughing.  Those did nothing.  She was miserable.  During her school Open House, she coughed so bad she threw up.  The people next door in her apartment were yelling at her to shut up during the middle of the night because her coughing was keeping them awake.  (Yeah, it had to be bad.)

Then she went back to Urgent Care.  (Still no call from the Dr.)  He gave her cough syrup with codeine, but said she didn't have pneumonia.  He was irritated she was back.

Over the weekend, her head and throat started filling up with phlegm.  She was coughing and throwing up again. Then...

She completely lost her voice.  Nothing.  She sent a text to her principal and the district sub desk.  We couldn't talk to her on the phone either.  She needed to call the Dr., but couldn't.

Yesterday, the Mr. called the Dr. and got her in.  She has pneumonia.  The Dr. gave her a shot and ordered breathing treatments.  The Mr. had to call Home Health Care to get that all set up.  (It's probably a good thing he doesn't have the number to Urgent Care.  I'm afraid they would get a phone call they wouldn't soon forget!)

As of right now, L is taking the breathing treatments and staying home through Thursday.  Hopefully, she will bounce quickly, get her voice back, and the antibiotic will kick her pneumonia.

3.  The Dr. ordered allergy tests for L, too.  (Thinking allergies started all of this?  Maybe.)

4. She may have to have surgery on that ankle one of these days, too.

And this is where I hate living so far away from L.

I bet there is a classroom full of kindergartners who would like to see a healthy teacher return--and soon!!  And I know there is a kindergarten teacher who would like to be healthy enough to enjoy those adorable kids.  Pray for that being sooner rather than later!


Kim said...

I just said a prayer for L! I pray things get better for her soon. I totally understand what you mean about being too far away from your kids. I feel that way all the time. And, I would be looking for a different doctor. There is no excuse for not calling her back. Hugs and prayers!

Beth said...

It's so hard when you're not close enough in distance. Sara had similar trouble in college at Old Miss. I told her to tell them they had to give her a shot or the bronchitis would turn into pneumonia (she had built up a resistance to oral antibiotics--at least what was availabe at the time). If I remember correctly they didn't listen. She had to go back and then they listened.

I'm glad the Mr. got involved. I really don't think it's a bad idea that he finds out the Urgent Care #. They need set straight.

Will pray for quick recovery and for the best options for that foot.

FlowerLady said...

I pray that L will have a speedy recovery.