Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh, the life...

I get to spend at least a couple hours grading every evening.

After supper, I drag it all out and force myself to spend an hour or two with the red ink pen.  (I know.  The trend of using red ink pens is out.  I'm claiming ignorance.  I like red!)

The Mr. watches baseball or football, and I grade.

This is the life...well, this is my life!

PS.  One of the perks of blogging is definitely the people who comment.  It is especially great when an author comments on a post about their book.  Click here to see the latest.  


A said...

I'm not sure about the red pen thing either... I mean, you'll just use a different color and it means the exact some thing!! Everyone in NYC was "against" the red pen. I'd buy a multipack of my favorite pens in all different colors and whatever color I pulled from the can was the color I graded with, and if it happened to be red, well then it happened to be red!

SOOOOO very cool to hear from the author! What a way to keep you motivated on your book blog!!

Debra Wood said...

Just read your other blog post. So cool to have the author post a reply! Kristin read this book and enjoyed as well. I think I need to get it from her.

Casie said...

I like the red ink... Tells me when I'm doing something bad! ;)

and super cool of that author to post on your blog! SUPER COOL!