Friday, August 10, 2012

Update On JV

JV was my sophomore boy who was diagnosed with bone cancer in the spring of his sophomore year.  He underwent surgery and extensive chemotherapy.  (It was a very aggressive cancer.)  He lost his hair.  We had a special Tiny Town JV day to raise money to help with the medical expenses.  He spent about eight months in a wheel chair, watching football and track from the sidelines.  He is still on interferon shots, had additional surgery at the beginning of the summer, and is still on crutches.  He is about to start his senior year.

When "Make A Wish" approached Justin and his family, they didn't think he would use it.  He, after all, is cancer free at the moment.  Yes, his treatments are going on, but there are kids who are dying.  "Make A Wish" assured them that this foundation is for kids who had their lives completely disrupted because of their health issues.

JV thought about meeting a celebrity, going to Hawaii, or doing a shopping spree at Cabelas.  BUT...he wanted to do something for his school.  He wanted to give back for the support he had been given.  Who does that?  An incredible young person.

The Mr. and I went to school the other night and looked into the Weight Room.  JV's wish was for them to remodel our Tiny Town High Weight Room.  A company got on board and donated weight stations.  Local painters painted the facility.  Tiny Town High now has a state of the art weight room--probably one of the nicest in any high school our size in the state.

JV's wish is going to be enjoyed by Tiny Town students long after he has graduated.  He's the one who has gone through all the agony of the last year and a half, and yet he chooses to share the "good stuff" with his coaches and the students of our school.

I've said it before.  JV is an amazing young man.  We've prayed for his health and given thanks for his progress, and he arranges it so that we share in his blessings.  Who does that?  I"ll say it again: an incredible young person. 

Pretty cool.


Melonie said...

How wonderful! I knew he was doing better and I keep the family in our prayers. The wish is not surprising that he would want to give back. A wonderful family.

A said...

That is amazing!!! You should snap some photos and share if you can (even if just on Facebook instead of the blog...) I'd love to see what they did! So glad to hear he continues to make progress! Hope he has an amazing senior year - keep us updated on his future plans for after high school as he gets closer to the next big step!