Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just So You Know

I'm not a complete ditz with technology all the time.  (Well, I have my moments!)

Yesterday, Tech guy comes back to my room to deal with a problem that has been happening since last spring.

My students would try to print and the computer would say the computer was paused.  It wasn't. would never print.  The kids would have to print to another room and then go collect their paper.  The paper never would print in my room. 

This was kind of a random error.  Sometimes the papers would print, and sometimes they wouldn't.  There was no rhyme or reason. 

When the tech guy came in, he worked for about 45 minutes on my computer and my printer.

And then all heck broke loose:

That printer printed out every paper that has been paused since last year.  We wasted some paper, and then just kept putting it back in and printing over the top of what was already printed.  Last year's student's papers were pouring out of my computer; not to mention, all of this year's papers printing.  It was crazy.

So...that almost made up for the unwound VCR tape.  Almost.  The tech guy didn't find all those essays printing near as funny, and he couldn't be irritated with me either.

For once, this wasn't user error! Whew!  I have a reputation to restore!


Anonymous said...

I'm sitting at my desk laughing! Almost made me snort! Technology~it baffles my brain! xoxox J

Anonymous said...

I know. Sometimes the technology drives me CRAZY!!! It IS always nice when it isn't my fault!! BJB

Scriptor Senex said...

Super! What a laugh. At least it would be if it hadn't happened to me once - in, fortunately, a small quantity. I never did find out why it did it.