Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Viral Infections Are Slowing Me Down

I think I'm suffering from two kinds of virus infections.

1.  My home computer is toast.  I'm not sure what has happened, but it isn't working.  I'm hoping that I can retrieve the files on it and then punt it to the curb.

2.  I've got something weird happening.  Originally, the 30 second Dr. appointment diagnosed pink eye in my right eye.  By the weekend, I had some red bumps above my left eye and needle pricking feelings in my left eyebrow.  Now, I still have the red bumps and have added another bump under my eye.  The left side of my forehead and face hurt.  I went to Alpha Care this time, and they put me on Valtrex for a viral infection.  (I think the hope is that if it happens to be shingles, I'll be covered.)  Who knows?  I'm going to look like a prize fighter before too long.

Oh, and I started play practices this week.

Yep.  Having a really good time and off to a great start!  ARGH!!!!


FlowerLady said...

Dear Mrs. E ~ I sure hope you are feeling much better soon.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Katie @Can't Get There said...

Yikes! Shingles? You can't catch a break lately! Maybe you're saving all your luck for the show?

Also, your ARGH! closing made me laugh - were you talking like a pirate today on purpose? ;)

joyce said...

Hope the drugs kick in fast...would love to see a 'puter punted to the curb!