Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday- Looking Back

Busy, busy week!

*I gave back those research papers, and I don't think I've ever had so many teens with tears in their eyes.  They weren't exactly tears of joy.  BUT...they have a chance to revise for extra credit points--due by 3:25 today.  I'm hoping that most of them take advantage of that.

*Valentine's Day meant a party in advisory and a sweet treat start to our evening play rehearsal.  Sugar + teens = not our best rehearsal ever.  BUT... they cleaned up after their goodies and the custodians should be happy with us.

*The Mr. delivered the Bug's Valentine for me.  Darn it!  I didn't even get to see her cute outfit.  Photos, Mama!  Photos!

*Yesterday was one of those days,  I got to school at 7:15 AM and did not step foot in the house again until 9:00 PM.  I ran lines with a couple of characters after school.  One of them was struggling; the other was just being supportive and helping.  Love them both!

*You can throw in an eye appointment midweek for both the Mr. and me:  new glasses for him (to replace the ones Baxter ate!) and new contacts for me.  It took a half day, but was so worth it.  I can now read my phone without reading glasses!  Woo hoo!

Yes, it has been incredibly busy.  I'm looking forward to catching up at home this weekend--and figuring out some play issues, too.

Oh, and there is an episode of "Survivor" calling my name!

Happy, happy Friday!

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