Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blog Break

We take liberties as writers. Dramatic license.  The license is to exaggerate for humor (do I really have a 1000 things to do for school?), drama (have I really lost my mind?), or just to add interest.  Life is sometimes humdrum without that license.  No shocker there.

We tell one side of the story, but not always the whole story.  Some details don't need to be shared.  Most of you are grateful for that. 

Before I take a blog break for a couple of is a bit of honesty for you.

1.  I don't sleep, because of menopause.  (It's a symptom.  Feel free to look it up.)  And I seem to need less sleep these days, which is often true as we grow older.  (This is not stress related insomnia.)

2. I'm sewing for L, but sewing is relaxing.  Especially when it isn't something that needs perfection, just durability.  I will probably finish the sewing in a day or two. 

3. While I sew, I think about class this fall and things I need to do for the show.  I add reminders to my list--but most of my list will be accomplished after school starts.  Most of the time while I sew, I'll watch a movie or HGTV. 

So before I get lectured or questioned again about my "stressful" life and being too busy, I'm going to spend some time not blogging and just enjoying the last two weeks of my summer without questioning or judgement.

I enjoy blogging.  It is fun.  It is an outlet and a stress reliever.  It helps me keep track of where I've been and where I'm going.  And I love the readers that stay in touch and the ones I don't even know are out there, until they shoot me an email, contact me on Facebook, or make a point to mention it in conversation..

I don't enjoy lectures.

I don't do things that I don't want to do.  I spend plenty of time relaxing and being a bum.

And the people who know me well, know that. 

So don't worry about Easy Street, I'm sure I'll be back...I'm just not sure when.


Cousins said...

TWO WEEKS.....say WHAT??? How am I to go on without your BLOG every day??? I guess I'll just have to go to VA Beach for a few days to get over it huh??? Love you my CrAzY CoUsIn!!! Ree
P.S. I'll be looking for that post on August 12.......I put it on my calendar!! :oP

Hays Family 5 said...

:( I will miss you......

Kim said...

Enjoy your break! I may take one next week when Brent is back in Kansas. Though we have a lot in common, I will tell you that sewing doesn't relax me in any way, shape or form. :-) Have fun, Mrs. E!

Beth said...

I think you are incredibly busy and I often shake my head at all that you do. I wish that fibromyalgia didn't rob me of so much energy and brain power.
Sounds like a good idea to enjoy these last few weeks. I have taken a few days here and there to just enjoy summer.
Have you taught The Hunger Games?
I'm thinking of teaching the first book this year to Advanced English freshmen. Any thoughts?

joyce said...

Popping back from my blog holiday and you starting yours.....enjoy and looking forward to your words of wisdom when you get back