Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kinder Music

K and the Bug invited me to go to Kinder Music with them.  (OK.  I had to see it for myself.  Who knew?)

This class has lots of kids, infant through age two.  There was quite a bit of crying or fussing.  No one could wear shoes, and we sat on a hard dance floor.  So far, not so Nana friendly.

But then, I got to see the Buggie in action.  No fear.  No hanging back.  Handing out instruments to babies or making sure the shy kids had one.  Reluctantly parting with her favorite instruments when it was time to put them away.  

And those kids move so fast...!

That big drum was her favorite!
 And then she discovered that her dress had pockets.  Pockets!!!
From then on, everyone knew Buggie was wearing Dora panties.  
Such sweet moments...

The sweetest moment of the class? 
She raised her skirt, dropped her Dora panties, and said,
"Potty, Momma, Potty!"  
K scooped up her bare bottomed girl and ran, while the other parents laughed.  
Aw, Buggie!  Can't wait to see what your school years hold.  
Observant, helpful, quick to join,
and quick to laugh and play.  
Throw in that sassy independent streak, and life is sure to be interesting.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a sweet post about your darling little Bug.


Life in a Small Town said...

And so kind hearted to make sure the shy kids had instruments!