Monday, September 2, 2013

Love It...

Some recent loves...

*S'more cupcakes.  They were a box mix. YUM!!  And so not on the diet plan.

*Redd's Strawberry Ale.  I really liked their Apple Ale, but I could switch to the Strawberry.

*Socratic Seminar.  My sophomores really have done a great job of learning how to be part of a discussion.  They don't have to agree, but they have to be respectful to each other, intelligent in the vocabulary they use, and support their arguments with evidence from their text.  A sure sign of success:  two boys stopped by after school to tell me how much they enjoyed it and asked if we could start a debate team.  Progress.

*Cooler temperatures, if only for a few days.

*Les Mis has made it to HBO.  I really liked the movie when we saw it in the theater.

*My hair dresser telling me she thinks I may make it through this grow out, without having to color it again.  We shall see, but I am more hopeful. I love the cut she gave me, and I am an OK mix of blonde, brown, and gray.  (Of course, I'm not the one have to look at it very often!)

*Cantaloupe and yogurt for breakfast.  What a great way to start the day.

*The work my stagecraft class is doing.  We have a lot to do, but they are really pitching in and going after it.  Bless their hearts!

*I especially love that it is September.  Fall has always been my favorite season:  pumpkins, sweater weather (hopefully), cooler mornings and evenings, football, and crisp apples.

Happy September!

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Softie said...

We need another hair photo to see the outgrowth progress. I am interested to find out what to expect.