Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Shopping with Bug

Buggieisms and never said in a quiet voice:

*Nana:  No more false alarm bathroom trips, or I won't take you again.
 Buggie:  Are you kidding me??!!

*Buggie:  Where's Nana?
 Mama:  She had to run a few errands.  (Shop in an area of the store with breakable items!)
 Buggie:  She has to potty again?!!!

*Mama in a crowded bathroom with a Bug protesting that she didn't have to go.  (She'd been dancing five minutes.)
 Buggie:  Don't pull down my pants!!!!
 Mama did it anyway.
 Buggie:  I'll bite you!!!
 Sound of pottying
 Buggie:  I went potty!

*Seeing a Wizard of Oz book
 Buggie:  I want Dorothy.  I WANT Dorothy!

*Imitating what she hears
 Buggie:  Don't touch anything!  Don't touch anything!

*Aimed at any person she happened to see
 Buggie pointing:  What's that?!!  What IS it??

I guess when her Mom told it was bedtime, she said "Are you kidding me?!!!"

She is a nut, and she always makes me laugh!


Cousins said...

Dear Buggie......Auntie Ree had the Dorothy COVERED!!! I'll see you soon! Love you my CrAzY LITTLE cousin!

Kim said...

Aren't their little voices just the best? ENJOY!