Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy Birthday, Momma L

L is 31 today.  It is hard to believe.

In the last year, her life has done a 180.  She has married and had a baby.

This new world seems to suit her.  Little Man E is adorable and such a good baby. And she is such a good Momma!

In spite of all the big changes, some things never change.  L is still quite the entertainer.  She was always good at making tense situations evaporate with her crazy sense of humor.  I could be so mad, and yet she would have me dissolving into laughter.  She still can.

Last night's call was about a squirrel that had made its way into L and CB's house.  I'm still chuckling.  There was a time in her life where L might have been quite upset by their adventure, but last night--she was still laughing about the squirrel that sent them all over the edge.

Happy 31st, L! Hope the year ahead is full of more giggles and no more wildlife in the house.  May your days be filled with hubby and Baby E and kindergartners who love their teacher.

We love you, dear girl.  Now celebrate your day by putting your feet up and snuggling that baby!

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