Monday, January 20, 2014

Inservice Day

I think Inservice is a synonym for day-long meetings where we talk about what I would be doing if we weren't talking about it.  Then my colleagues and I have to find time in an already packed schedule to do it, when it would have been more effective to use the inservice day to do it.   *sigh

Whining done.  (I sound like my students!)

Thank you for listening.

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Beth said...

I absolutely agree! We are hoping to get some work days into the schedule next year---work days where each one of us chooses what to do.

We didn't have school today and it was review day for midterms tomorrow and Thursday. We will only have odd class periods tomorrow and even on Thursday, so my day of opportunity is gone. I should have reviewed on Monday, but a lot of them wouldn't have taken it seriously. They are "the night before" types. Sigh.
We are also on a 2-hr. delay tomorrow due to snow and extremely low, as in frigid, temps. Normally, I would love this. Instead, I'm a bit stressed. Sweetheart Queen crowning and dance are this Friday and so much still to do. Again, sigh. But I got a 3-hr. nap today which I very much needed after a short night's sleep. So I'm grateful for that.:>)