Monday, January 6, 2014

I Love Winter

I know it is crazy, but I really do like winter.  (Kelli at The Hays Crew blog feels the exact opposite, and I do sympathize with her right now.)  Well, I guess I should say that I like winter as long as when the calendar says it is spring--the weather cooperates! 

Probably, in another life, I was a bear.  (Yes, that might fit me in more ways than one.)  I like to hibernate in winter.  The early darkness suits me.  I get home to my warm house and don't want to go out again.

I love...
      *thick socks
         *flannel sheets
             *wood stoves (in our case- a facsimile)
                  *hot soups and thick stews
                       *snow days
                               *cute knit hats and scarves
                                    *hot cider and hot chocolate
                                         *shoveling snow
                                              *warm fleece pajamas
                                                   *over-sized sweaters
                                                        *ski jackets
                                                             *lap blankets
                                                                  *time for a good book
                                                                      *long underwear--especially long underwear tops
                                                                           *and cute snowmen

It helps that we live on the same power grid as the Senior Citizen housing, meaning our electricity is never off for long.  (Hope I didn't just jinx that.)

It would really help if the Mr. would buy me a remote start for my car.  I would love to get into a warm car and not have to scrape windows after school.

Did I mention that I love snow days?  I do.  And I'm having one today.  (Or at least a bitter-cold-minus-zero-wind-chill day.)  And I'm not complaining.


Mary said...

Snow day here, too! :)
I don't mind winter, either...especially those snow/cold days from school!

Kim said...

I wondered whether you had gotten a lot more snow than we did when I saw your school cancellation on the TV. I am wishing I didn't have an eye appointment this AM. And today starts the first day of accompanying for middle school for me this year. Enjoy your day!