Sunday, January 5, 2014

Play Days

The last week has been full of playing.  Yesterday was no exception.

Since Mr. was off, we took a drive to Big City to see Baby E and family.  We shopped a bit on the way up and back to justify a couple of hours of snuggling that little guy.  (Spent a whopping $19.00.)

Little Man was quite happy to see his Nana and Papa. (Well, that's what I think!)  He endured a lot of kissing and some singing. He is starting to do a lot of "talking" and smiling. So sweet.  (He's changing so fast, I hate to miss a week.) 

The drive home was a bit treacherous with blowing snow and cold temperatures.  We seemed to be driving in a snow globe!  Temperatures are to remain frigid with dangerous wind chill. 

As cold as it is, any playing on this last day of break is going to have to be indoor playing. Might be time to dust off the cribbage board and look up the rules again.  Or I could pop in another season of Downton Abbey. The Mr. would be so thrilled. (Though I think it is growing on him!)

Oh, and I might break down and do a few things to get organized for tomorrow.  About 80 sophomores would be so disappointed if I didn't have some work for them to do! 

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