Monday, January 13, 2014

Show Weekend

The Mr. doesn't sell RV's any more, but during an RV show they need a few more salesmen on hand.  So, he spent the weekend at an RV sale.

Saturday, I went with him.  Well, I dropped him off at the show and then had my own agenda.

I shopped a bit. 

And then I met up with the Mr.'s cousins.  They took me a restaurant that might have had the biggest hamburgers I have ever seen.  Nobody ate more than half of their burger.  (To-go boxes are popular there.) 

We shopped in a cooking store, a barbecue store (who knew there were grills that cost $3,800??) and a bookstore.

Then we took in August in Osage County.  Great acting, but strange and unsatisfying ending. 

And I got to play with a new dog that was adopted last Thursday.  Pickles is adorable.  (And kind of makes me want another dog.)

Sunday, the Mr. went back to the show, and I stayed home and did laundry.  Baxter and I also walked with Sweet SIL and her two dogs. It was a crazy walk, and ended with Baxter pitching a fit all the way home.  He wanted to hang out with his dog friends, Minnie and Toby.  (See, I think he really does need a new dog friend.  Mr., are you listening?)

The Mr. arrived home fairly late: tired and hungry.  He's going to end up working 13 days in a row by the time next Sunday rolls around.  (Pathetic, but that is better than when he used to work sometimes 21 days in a row.)  

Now, I'm off to school to announce the three contest winners in Mrs. E's classroom contest.  Valuable prizes to hand out.  (Well, movie theater candy at .99.  Last of the big spenders.) 

And this is audition week.  Wish me luck. 

So, Show Weekend has ended in RV world, but the show is just beginning in Tiny Town High world.  Let the craziness begin.

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