Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Catching Up Bit By Bit

Let's see...

The Bug's movie morning was quite a bit of fun. I was freezing in the theater, so I was quite glad to hold her on my lap.  There was a line in Despicable Me 2 about pooping.  She repeated it over and over and over---and giggled every single time.  She thought it was a riot.  I was laughing at her laughing. 

I am finally feeling more rested.  The last two weeks of play rehearsals meant 14 hour days at school and not much time at home.  (The house looks like it.)  However, the play was well received and well attended.  The Outsiders is a drama that ends with the death of one of the main characters.  It is kind of an emotional play, which is challenging for high school students.  Several parents commented that they couldn't believe it was their student on stage.  There were some proud Mamas and Papas. 

Yes, this was supposed to be my last play; however, Little Big Brother the Judge has decided that he would like to direct the spring play and is hoping I will be his assistant.  He loves working with the kids.  (So do I--the hardest part of giving it up.)  If he is doing the bulk of the work, I should find it less of a burden to my teaching schedule.  Right now, that is the plan.  And to be honest, the musical in the fall was the overload for me.  They have found new directors for that, so the spring play shouldn't be quite so overwhelming.  It isn't official yet, but those are the plans in the works.

L and the little E are coming in this morning to spend several days in Tiny Town.  I think K and the Bug are joining us on a trip out to the farm this afternoon.  L has friends coming into town that she wants to meet up with on Wednesday.  She doesn't know how long she'll stay; she says it depends on how long Daddy can stand to be without little E.

L has also come to town to see the house that K and CT are in the process of buying.  They are so excited to be homeowners and to have a lot more room to live in.  They are buying in Tiny Town, on the main residential street that was completely wiped out by the tornado.  A couple in town bought lots and built homes several years ago to insure that area of town would rebound.  K and CT are buying one of those homes. Their "new" house isn't going to be too far from Little Big Brother's house.

And I guess with buying a home in Tiny Town, I should tell you that K has been hired as Tiny Town High's Assistant Principal next year.  That means she will be my boss. We will see how that goes.  I guess I am going to have to behave myself.  Yikes!  Praying for a painless transition for both of us!

That catches you up a bit.  Now, if I can get the pictures off my camera, I might be able to post a few of those, too. I'm not planning on it during the next few days.  There are going to be grandbabies to hold and play with for a couple of days. I'm thinking the photos can wait.

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Kim said...

I thought about you and the play as we sailed by on I-70 last week. I'm sure you're thankful to have it behind you. Enjoy your spring break!