Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 15

I am finally feeling better, and right in time for Tax Day. (I never feel better about tax day.)

Other happenings?

*K and I are headed to a Zumba class this morning.  We'll see how this goes. (Two left feet will not be my friend.)

*I'm waiting on baby news from Cali.  Momma Meg is ready to deliver.  Now, if that baby would get himself ready, everyone would be happy.

*Easter egg dye purchased? Check. Easter candy? No way.  I might eat it all before and then have to purchase again.

*I am experimenting with Jamberry nails (nail wraps--an alternative to polish)--and hoping that it will help me quit biting my nails. We shall see. And if it works, the Bug might have to give them a try.

*And at school, I am pushing the final unit of the year.  Time is running short, but I have to teach my favorite book: To Kill A Mockingbird. Cross your fingers that I actually get it finished.

And that's the latest from Easy Street.

Oh, and we had snow yesterday. *sigh  I love snow from November through March. Now I am ready for sunshine and flowers. NOW.

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