Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

My "school" life has dominated my "blog" life: grading, filing, planning, and the end of school events have left me little time for anything but school.  Thankfully, I'm off today. So...a photo catch up of my Easter weekend.

On Thursday night, I went to Big City to see Little E, L, and CB.  E was sitting on Daddy's lap when I got there. He looked at me suspiciously for about ten seconds, then started grinning and reached for me. Yep, he knows how to win Nana's heart!

The next morning, I got to meet Miss Connie, Little E's day care provider. It was nice to put a face with a name. Then, I was a guest teacher in L's Kindergarten room.  I read a book called The Sunflower House and then we made sunflowers. As part of their science and writing, they labelled the parts of the plant. It is always fun to see L in action. (Her students have so much fun. Every morning begins with a dance party to the song "Happy." I think I want to be in Kindergarten, too.) Her kids are adorable and so sweet.
After lunch with L, I headed back home. It was too short of a visit, but hopefully the Mr. and I will head back for a long weekend in a couple of weeks.  Since L had the in-laws in for Easter, I had to snag a few pictures off of Facebook and text messages from her weekend.
It looked like Little E had a great 1st Easter.

Back in Tiny Town, we went to an Easter Egg hunt with the Bug-- and most of the town. Sunday, we went to church and had dinner with Buggie, K, and CT, then dessert with Little Big Bro and family.
It was a great weekend: beautiful weather and time to enjoy both girls and their families.

And today, I am cleaning closets, putting winter clothes away, and....wait for it....

grading papers! (Of course, I am.)

Meantime, I will be thinking of these two little people.
They are too much fun.

(I figure we have about two more years where the Bug thinks Nana and Papa are lots of fun. Then she'll be too cool for grandparents. Thankfully, we'll have a couple more years where Little E thinks we're terrific.)

We have four and a half weeks of school left, and then I am planning on spending my summer reading, playing with little people, and relaxing. And boy, I am ready!

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Kim said...

They are adorable! Your summer plans sound good to me. Good luck with the last few weeks of school! The countdown has begun. My sister-in-law posted a number on Facebook last week. I had to ask her what it meant. She's a teacher, too, and she has literally begun the countdown.