Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bits and Pieces of Easy Street

I haven't been home much lately.  I've been working in my room at school, shopping a bit, and cramming in some end of the summer fun.

Last Friday, K and I spent the day hunting things for her new office and doing a little shopping for wardrobe updates.  We splurged on Sushi for lunch- yum!- and then met up with some friends and some of her former colleagues for a great evening.
I'm not terribly artistic, but we had a great time learning to paint.  We laughed and laughed.  (That 'lovely' painting on the bottom far right is now decorating my room at school. Kind of hidden behind a few things, but still a colorful reminder of a fun evening.) I am excited for the next time that we schedule a "Corks and Canvas" evening.  It was great fun.

On Sunday, we celebrated LBB's birthday.  Quite a few members of the family gathered for some grilling and celebrating. Some of the usual suspects celebrating the milestone:

These mustaches serenaded the birthday boy. Quite an elegant evening, eh?!!  (Kind of fit in with the Moonshine I gave him.  You can buy it legally these days! Classy!)

Besides walking/running, Zumba classes, and getting my room at school ready to go, Baxter has been an orphaned dog.  Poor little guy.

I have three weeks until school starts, so you might be asking why the hurry on my room?
1. L will be able to get into her Kindergarten room next week, so I will be helping her at least one day.
2. I still want to enjoy one more day at the water park.
3. I also want to get to Big City for one last play day with E.
4. Lesson planning!  New textbooks and a new class to teach means a lot more work on curriculum before the students show up on the 1st day!
5. And hopefully, I can cram in a visit to the farm and a new loft apartment renovation in the home town.

This blogging interruption is just what I needed. Now remind me to share a recipe for roasted fresh green beans-yum! and photos of a visit to the Bug's gymnastic class!  (So much to share, and so little time! -Ugh!)

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joyce said...

corks and canvas sounds like a recipe for a good time!!