Tuesday, July 29, 2014


The little Bug took gymnastics this summer for six weeks.  I went and watched her last class several weeks ago.  She is a strong little thing. (She became pretty competitive during the wheelbarrow races.)  It was fun to watch her from the balcony parent perch.

 There was stretching and inchworming, rocking horses, somersaults, head stands, push up headstands, backbends, and wheelbarrowing.  But of course, she is two and with her best friend from daycare. That means there was messing around, too.
And there were mirrors....mirrors!!
It is hard to keep your focus when there is a mirror to enjoy!  And a pretty girl in the mirror at that!

I think she is going to make good use of that barre this fall. There just might be ballet lessons in her future.  I can't wait to watch that, but right now we are we waiting for her to recover from something. She has been running a fever for three days now. K and CT took her to the ER. They aren't sure what it is, but she is taking antibiotic, which really hasn't been doing much.  Hopefully, she will bounce soon. We are ready to have our little gymnast back!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Cute photos and I sure hope she is feeling much better soon.


Beth said...

Is she drinking liquids? If not, popsicles are a great substitute!

My grandkids from TX just started gymnastics too. I got to watch them when I was in TX recently! It was great! :>)