Sunday, August 3, 2014

End of Summer Fun

1. I finally made it to the Water Park with L, E ,and the two stepdaughters C and C.  We had a great time. It is just the right size for a 6th and a 2nd grader.  They could ride the slides and then head back to the baby area or wave pool to meet up with us again.  Big guy E thinks the baby pool swings are great fun.  He runs in circles like a crazy man.

2. I've been on a hike at a nearby nature research area with Sweet SIL and Lulu--and then ended our hike with a trip to a favorite breakfast spot.  (This is becoming an annual tradition.)

3. One day was spent working in L's kindergarten room.  We met at E's babysitter and left a car.  Besides working in her school, we went to lunch and a new teacher store in her area.  (That might be the closest teacher store to Tiny Town.  So many of those stores have closed.  Sad.) Her room is really cute.

4. So then I had to work in my classroom with some of the new supplies I bought at the teacher store. I don't decorate even half of what L does, but the room is almost done.

5. We (English colleagues) had a Webinar over our new textbooks.  *sigh!  Webinars are not my favorite.

6. And we are quite happy to have a healthy Bug again.  She has recovered.  In fact, she was talking out loud during church today. I whispered to her that she needed to whisper, and she said in a loud voice, "You have to whisper!"  Yep.  Full recovery.

I have one full week of my summer left, and then it is back to school.  I predict several days at school this week, but also a few days finishing the "must-do-before-school-starts" work at home.  I always call this the last gasp of summer. 

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