Monday, August 11, 2014

36 or 37

I had a great weekend, but today is the first day of school.  The weekend pictures will have to wait.

This is the beginning of year #33 at Tiny Town High.  Overall, it is year 36 or 37, depending on who is looking at it.

When I started teaching, I took over in January for a teacher who left her job at Christmas.  (I was a December graduate.)  I was 21 for the first three months of teaching.  The Mr. graduated the summer after that semester, and there weren't jobs in the area.  We moved halfway across the state so that he could teach/coach, and I took a temporary job as a receptionist for a pretty interesting family owned business.

I started my second teaching job that January, when a teacher in the Mr.'s school had health issues.  I've taught full time ever since. (I have also vowed never to teach another school year unless I start the year myself.  I end up inheriting a lot of problems that way.  Yikes!)

Our State retirement program looks at those two half years as a full year each.  (Yea!)  Realistically, they really are just two half years and added together, they make just one year.

So this is year 36 or 37.  And it has gone so fast.  I'm now the old lady on staff.  Quite scary, because most of the time I don't feel that way.  You'd think I would have all the answers by now, but I still have to go to colleagues with questions or confusion. 

And today is a work day.  I have a list to get through by the end of the day.

Here we go...!

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Kim said...

Have a good year, Mrs. E! On Facebook, my sister posted her back-to-school photo on the porch this morning. Did you have one taken?