Friday, September 5, 2014

Sweet Mercy...

Friday has arrived. 

For a short week, this was a long one.  I'm not quite sure why, but I know that I am exhausted.  And everyone else I have talked to seems to feel the same.

I know I am going to reach a point where this year doesn't feel so brand new.  I wish that I felt more settled into the routine.  I don't.  I don't think our students do either.

We are only three weeks in.  I guess I need to be more patient.  We will get there...I hope.

In the meantime, I had a nice little note from my new assistant principal. (And it didn't have anything to do with being her mother.) Sometimes, it is the little things, people. 

And I'm counting on the little things to get me to the weekend!

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Beth said...

Our week seemed extra-long also. We were all dragging by Thurs. and wishing it was Friday!
We have a new lesson plan format that is 4 pages long and is to be done with each unit. I think it will feel new all year long!:>(