Monday, January 26, 2015


Some random (useless) information for you:

*Black circles under the eyes are hereditary in my family.  I'm doing more than my part to keep them going.  I get up early (4:30), but go to bed early (9-9:30), and still I am rocking the raccoon eyes. 

*There are some perks to growing older:  Less shaving, and for the first time in my life I can get away with washing my hair every other day.  (Oily hair has been replaced by really dry hair.)

*I have a Student Teacher this semester.  We work really well together, and I have decided that two people can almost do my job. There have been days we have both worked solid all day long and just barely finished before 4:00.  Besides being a great student teacher, she is also adorable.  (Boys have never been so attentive in English II. Never underestimate what a cute redhead can do for a classroom!)

*My toenails are a mess.  I really need a pedicure.  (Good thing my toes are hidden under socks almost every minute of the day.)

*I haven't been running lately.  The Dr. nixed K running (and the jumping in Zumba, too) for the remainder of the pregnancy, so we have been walking three days a week.  She still goes to Zumba but just does a modified routine.  I miss the running.

*I hated jelly beans as a kid.  Then the Bug came along, and Jelly Belly jelly beans are our favorites. Papa even runs a jelly bean store for her. The toy cash register gets a workout!

*Speaking of jelly beans, there are only two flavors I hate: licorice and root beer.  So does the Bug, so we throw them all away, and she gives me all of the coffee flavored ones, too! Yum!

*There is some talk of chicken farming on Easy Street.  Three farmers are in the planning stage--and a 4th in Big City might join them.  They've been locating land, chicken coops, etc.  Oh boy...!

*Bax is catching up on sleep.  L and E were here this weekend. (They are having a bathroom remodel and thought it might go better for CB and contractor without them.) E loves Baxter.  I think they are going to be good buddies.  Throw in visits from the Bug, and poor Bax didn't get much peace.  He's making up for it now! (He kind of likes being the only "kid"!)

*Alaska the Last Frontier and Downton Abbey are two favorite television shows on Easy Street.  I bet you can guess who likes which.  It's a good thing the Mr. and I tolerate each other.  (Just call us Otto and Violet.  Wouldn't that be a combination?!)

Well, off to school this Monday morning and to rehearsal tonight. I think this could be a busy week!


Mary said...

Feel free to send the licorice & root beer jelly beans my way!
I'm jealous about the student teacher. The last one I had made more work for me...she just about wore me out! :)

Relyn Lawson said...

I have a student teacher, too. She just started full time and she is going to be amazing. I started laughing when I read what you wrote. The two of us can just about get it done, too. Oh my!