Monday, June 15, 2015

Better Late Than...

My Spring Cleaning is in full swing.  Right on time, I know.

Closets, the basement, and the girls' rooms are all sorted through.  Of course, now there are several bags of trash in the garage.

Next up: the bathroom vanities and the utility room--which I want to paint. Oh, and I need to wash curtains.

Finally, before the end of the summer the Mr. and I are going to clean the garage. Again. (Why do I feel like we are always cleaning the garage?)

With any luck, most of my spring cleaning will be done before the first day of summer.  I know. I'm cutting it close!  And I can be thankful for all the rain that is keeping me inside.  If it were nice out, I doubt that the spring cleaning would be a top priority.

(Another week of rain would really help me out!)


Mary said...

I just can't get motivated to do any spring cleaning! So many things need to be done...I just have no motivation!

Relyn Lawson said...

Ha. I think you've got a bad case of the teacher diseas: "First Week of Summeritis". I love it when I catch it. I get so much done the first two weeks of summer. Then - less and less as the summer stretches on.

Beth said...

I have so much to clean out! I have given in to several good novels instead---shame on me!