Friday, July 31, 2015

31 for the 31st of July

And this wraps up July...

1. Hot, hot, hot!
2. Tomatoes are finally ripening.
3. A vacation over a long weekend
4. Emptying the rain gauge regularly
5. Two days in a Big City 1st grade classroom
6. Buying paint for the deck
7. Storing said paint because it is too hot to paint
8. Repairing ripped jeans
9. Finishing Go Set A Watchman, which I liked a lot
10. The fair parade with the Bug
11. Working on curriculum with new teachers
12. Wedding cake concrete (like a blizzard)- YUM!
13. Water aerobics
14. Reading scripts for next spring's play
15. Fewer hikes in this hot weather
16. Finishing my room at school-- the door was rehung today.  Mini celebration!
17. Bubba cups of ice cold water
18. Pulling weeds
19. A Family Reunion at my favorite lake
20. Coconut oil for moisturizer
21. A water park in Big City
22. Starting Couch Potato to 5K again!
23. The lawn mower blowing up
24. Babysitting the Bug and Little Miss
25. A blue moon
26. "Pweeze, pweeze" E's cry for whatever I am eating or drinking.  (Nana has to share!)
27. Train and carousel rides with Sweet Aunts and Crazy Cousins
28. The Minion Movie and Inside Out-- two fun movies of the summer
29. Marigolds and mint plants
30. Watermelon
31. Almost ready for school

One last week before school begins again. Crazy to think how much time I have spent at school this summer.  Maybe next year will be a bit more relaxing.

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