Saturday, August 22, 2015

Photo Dump

No time to write, so I will dump a couple of photo collages from the last two weeks.

First this Big Girl turned 4.  Such a sweet, yet sassy, little thing.  Family celebrated last week. (Well, except for her sister who slept through most of it.) Today, she invited two friends for donuts, play at the park, and pedicures. I don't envy the ladies who had to wash those sweaty, sandy, dirty feet!  And this afternoon, she is off to someone else's birthday party while I am watching little sis.

The contrast to celebrating a birthday? I have been to three funerals or visitations in the last few weeks: one of my favorite colleagues from my first years at Tiny Town High, a former student who was about the age of K and L, and a high school classmate's husband. I could be done with funerals for awhile.

Most of the last nine days have been taken up with school. My drama class even gave a performance at our elementary school yesterday on the 7th day of school!  (The trial of the Big Bad Wolf suing the 3rd Little Pig for trying to boil him. A 2nd grade teacher wanted to show a court scene for her class. She sent me the script.) Talk about a thrown together performance!  The kids did great and had a pretty good time.

This weekend's goal is to put grades in the grade book and finish planning for next week. Oh, and to go to school and have everything ready for school on Monday. (My brain is still on summer vacation, and Scrambling has become my middle name!)

That's it for now. More... if I ever catch up!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

It's hard to believe Big Girl is 4 already. It seems like she was just born yesterday.

Have a wonderful school year ~ FlowerLady

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures and the "peek" at your plan book. Cousin BJB

Keri Lou said...

Aww I thought she had probably turned 4 - she looks so cute !! Luca's was a week ago and he has big school this Thursday. Eek!

Thanks so much for stopping over at Dolliedaydream last week - I've missed you! Keri xxx