Sunday, August 30, 2015


This blog is being totally ignored. I want to write, but the only writing I have time for is lesson plans. So, here I am a week later.

What is happening on Easy Street?

*Morning begins at 4:40 and bedtime has been 8:30 most of last week. Exhausted! 

* K and I are on week 4 of C25K (Couch Potato to 5K).  This is about the 5th time I have done this. I guess that is proof that I like the process and not the end of the program.

*The littlest Lady has had a terrible rash. She itches and scratches herself until she bleeds. K & CT have had her to the Dr. and an allergist. They might finally have a grip on it. Poor little thing.

*The Bug started Pre School two days a week. The first day: "I haven't met anyone yet. The teacher hasn't introduced me to anyone." The second day: "I made a new friend!!!" She will do anything her teacher Ms.K says. We can now recognize her name when she writes it. (The letters were always there, we just had to hunt them on the page!) Papa is her ride to school. He was two minutes late to pick her up from daycare to go to school the first day: "Papa! I waited patiently, and you weren't here!!" I bet he will be on time next time.

*We went to Big City so the Mr. and CB could do some work on the B's house. L, E, and I went shopping. E was fine, but he did NOT want his mommy pushing his stroller-- only Nana. That guy is quite a little charmer. Every woman is a target. Yikes! Oh, and he has to touch every piece of clothing on a rack as he rolls by.

What is happening at Tiny Town High?

*Grading, lesson planning, and more grading.

*Students figured out how to run the lights on the tiny stage in my room. We are all quite excited!  Lunch time performances are one step closer.

*The sports season kick-off with soap scrimmages began on Friday.  As did my allergies. *sigh

 *I finally invested in a backpack on wheels. I'm hoping that my back and my neck/shoulders will thank me.  So that is me you hear rolling down the halls.

*Figured out that a swim noodle slit down one side wraps around my door, making it possible for the door to remain locked and yet students can still enter the room---QUIETLY.  Of course, my administrator (K!!!) can sneak in unnoticed, too.  Who am I kidding? I wouldn't hear them if the door was noisy. This is a loud and energetic year--well, at least on the part of my students.

The school year is off to a good start. I'm sure the Mr. enjoys the quiet house and watch-what-I-darn-well-want 8:30 bedtime his wife is keeping.

I know it is going to get better with the three new preps and sharing of English classes this year, but about the time I figure it all out, I will be embarking on the Forensics season and directing the Spring Play.  I think this is a case of Welcome To The New Normal. (Unless I start writing lesson plans on here, blogging isn't happening very often.)

Photo Dump for this week:

Always such great expressions-- like "A Selfie? Are you kidding me?!"
 Princess Elsa Lady Bug

And there you have it...Blogging for this week. Signing out...

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