Sunday, October 11, 2015

Great Weekend

Beautiful weather meant outdoor time: grilling, blowing bubbles, walking Mr. B, swinging, fishing and throwing rocks in the lake.

This was also family reunion weekend. Seven guys gathered for a Bass fishing tournament before the reunion. E enjoyed throwing rocks off the docks and getting a little help with his casting from cousin D.

At the reunion I saw the dress my grandmother was married in, a family child's gown from the 1870's, and a shadowbox of old family photos. Oh, and I might have come home with the 1950's Melmac Melamine coffee cups and saucers that were such a great memory of Grandma's house. I wonder how many times I stood at her sink washing them and reading the Lord's Prayer plaque made out of pasta ABC's.

Dad, fighting a horrible cold, came to the reunion a little late. L and I got teary watching shy little E wave at him when he came in and then walking over to be the first person to greet him. It was the sweetest thing.

Nabbed this picture of L, CB, and E before they headed home to Big City.

The end of a great weekend means it is time to get ready for the week ahead. *sigh  (Maybe I'll start making plans for next weekend.)


Softie said...

What a beautiful family photo of your daughter, her husband, and son. You were fortunate to get your grandma's cups.

Anonymous said...

ADORABLE family! All of you are! It was good to see everyone and hoping K&C's family had a good time with the other side of their little family! hugs ~ JKO