Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Random Bits

I am trying to give up soda. Again! I am weaning myself off. Why, you may ask? The Mr. has given it up, so he is my motivation.

Speaking of the Mr., he has been having blood sugar issues. Again. He isn't taking shots yet, but he does take a pill and is really watching his carbohydrates and sugar. So far he has dropped it by almost 200 points. He is really close to the non-diabetic range for blood sugars. Now, we just have to make sure it doesn't go too low.

After an eye appointment, I am trying mono vision (one contact) again. I am having to retrain my brain a bit, but fortunately my brain is used to that. When things seem a bit blurry at a distance, I close my right eye and see them clearly through my left. When I open my right eye again--everything looks clearer. When things look a bit blurry when I read, I play "trombone" with my book until I can read easily. AND...I am hoping that my brain adjusts quickly. I have missed my contacts.

Garage Sale Saturday will be here soon. I have quite a few things to sell. One of these days I am going to get to the point where I have nothing to sell. (Yeah, right!) This year I am cleaning out the storage room and the garage.

We had water in the basement after the six inches of rain in three days. We need to haul in some dirt around the foundation, repair a couple of eaves troughs, and then begin the clean up work inside. We are pulling up the end of the carpet and tearing out some walls. We will be ready for the contractor at that point. I am more than ready to get the basement put back together again.

Youngest grandbaby has been fighting eczema from about 4 or 5 months. Initial blood work shows she is allergic to darn near everything. Taking her off of dairy, soy, and wheat has helped, but she sees a specialist in a few weeks. She is so darn cute, but I know she is an itchy little thing.

Grandpa at the farm has kittens. The Bug loved petting them and taming them for Grandpa. If her Daddy and little sister weren't so allergic, she might have taken one home! "Nana, I don't think the kittens like me. They keep going under the table so I can't get to them." She wants them to sit on her lap and stay put. (She doesn't know I used to wish the same thing of her!)

Little man E was here this weekend. Baxter received many hugs and even some kisses from the little guy. That boy needs a dog!

Well, I am off to start on the garage. I'm telling the Mr. that if I don't surface soon, call 911.

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