Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Weekend

We are headed to the cemeteries tomorrow morning. I think we will swing by and pick up Dad and Beth. Trips to the cemetery are a great way to learn family/community history. I love the small cemetery Mom is buried in. It is so quiet and peaceful, and it sits on a creek bank under pine trees.

Memorial Day Memories:

*Peonies-- my favorite flower (minus the ants)
*CrAzY Cousin campouts
*The Mr.'s dad hunting for his Legion hat and tie for Memorial Day services at the cemeteries
*Mom's flag with 48 stars
*The Mr.'s cousins and aunts coming to decorate graves and joining us for a noon meal
*Reading of the names of soldiers/veterans buried in the cemetery at Legion cemetery services
*Running into my relatives in cemeteries--my aunts and uncles, Aunt Dorothy when she was alive, and distant cousins that I usually see only at reunions.
*A West Point Memorial Weekend Graduation
*Mainly, I remember crummy weather on Memorial Weekends. (We've had plenty of crummy weather lately: tornado and six inches of rain, so maybe tomorrow will be beautiful. We are due.)

Happy Memorial Day!

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Mary said...

Here's hoping for good weather today.
I had never heard of "Decoration Day" for cemeteries until my brother started dating his wife. Very lovely memories!