Saturday, July 9, 2016

Basement Repair and Remodel

And so it begins...

The sheet rock, insulation, and carpet have been hauled out. I have a hunch this might be the easy part.

Next up for the contractor is to install the new insulation and sheet rock.

Next up for us? Trying to remove the carpet glue from the cement, so that we can do something different with the basement floors. I have a hunch this will be labor intensive: hot water, scrapers, and eventually a sander. Yousa! (That seems to be the most eco friendly way to take care of the problem.)

As for the dumpster, it is almost completely full. It was almost half full before the contractor ever arrived. We will see if the local company can empty it, so we can add quite a few limbs from around our yard. We also have a few railroad ties and landscape timbers that need to be thrown out. Finally, the Mr. has an old buffet in the garage that he stores his "tools" in. (I use that term loosely. It looks like a lot of junk to me.) We are cleaning that out and ditching the dilapidated buffet and probably about half the "stuff" in it. I think a tool table is in his future.

Hopefully, the bulk of the project will be finished by the first of August. I'd like to head back to school with my house returning to normal.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

It sounds like quite the project. Enjoy and I hope all goes well and you will be enjoying the finished job soon.

Happy Summer ~ FlowerLady