Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dumpster Lady

The basement remodel is about to begin. This involves tearing out sheet rock, carpet, and who knows what else. Construction trash added to Easy Street trash meant a dumpster was needed.

I am  now the proud renter of a dumpster. Construction work hasn't even begun, and I have already managed to fill it about half full. It's a good thing they will come and empty it for us. I plan to take full advantage of this month to clear out anything that is due for a trip to the dump.

That being said, I took an old bookshelf out yesterday and dropped part of it on my leg. It looks lovely.
 Earlier in the day and then late evening.
It looks worse than it feels. An aspirin a day makes any bruising look worse. I think I will forego shorts or short skirts for a week or so. (Who am I kidding? With these legs? There is never a good time for short shorts or skirts!)

The basement is almost empty, so now I am ready for round two of "Let's not store it if we aren't using it!" Stay tuned.
Mrs.E  (Black and Blue-- get it??!!)

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