Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Analyzing Art

When the Bug came to see me last week, she drew my portrait. She was on the iPad sketching app.
I have to laugh at her drawing. That rectangular figure shape fits these days. I've always had broad shoulders, and now I am broad all over. 

Big smile or big mouth? Not sure which way she was going with that one. Either could fit.

A bit of blue hair seems accurate. 

I seem to be walking (running?). That is usually the case.

And that is definitely a grandmother's heart.

Kids eyes. I like how they see things.

You might be wondering how I found this. She did a screenshot save on my iPad that put the picture onto my photo storage. 

And next week, the Bug heads off to Kindergarten. She'll learn a lot, but I imagine her teacher will learn a bit, too.

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Kim said...

I saw this on Facebook also, and the first thing I saw in this portrait was the huge heart. That's the most important thing of all.