Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Day Off

Since I have the day off on Friday, I feel the coffee shop/bookstore calling my name. I'm guessing a couple of hours of reading might revive me! I've got a few things I need for my classroom, so I need to make a trip to Staples and Home Depot. I have a used bookshelf with no hinges for the shelf to hang on. (The pink crates the shelf is balancing on, while lovely to look at, aren't the most effective.) I need a hook to hang my coat on. (I hadn't worried about it until the weather got cold.) Finally, I need to replace my student birthday calendar. This will be my 2nd replacement since the tornado took my nice one. (I ruined the first with maker that won't come off!)

Since the girls are off on Friday, too, there is a plan to go out to lunch and then watch the movie "Chalk." I have wanted to see that mockumentary since it came out. It is a fake documentary about beginning teachers and the problems they run into and looked hilarious. I think "Chalk" made it to the Art Cinema theater but I missed it. K picked it up on Nexflix, so I will finally get to see it.

Anyway, I'm thinking that a relaxing day off will almost make up for the long nights of Parent/Teacher conferences. Almost...!

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