Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend

On Tuesday night, this was the view at my Grandparent's farm: calm, peaceful, and beautiful. And on Sunday afternoon: not so calm, not so quiet, but still beautiful!
About 75 cousins, aunts, uncles, and family dogs gathered for the 16th (we sat and figured it out!) Camp Out. We began gathering on Thursday night with two RV's and about six people. By Friday night we were up to a tent, 4 RV's, 2 groups at the B & B a mile away, and 6 people sleeping in backs of trucks and suburbans. And then on Saturday, well... I gave up counting! And this is what we discovered:
  • We love spending time together!
  • Summer beers make it feel like a celebration.
  • A port-a-potty is worth every dime!
  • Little kids are just funny...and the older cousins LOVE getting them going.
  • You move lawn chairs a lot, chasing the shade.
  • It helps to have an aunt who doesn't mind all of us giving her a rough time. (Coyotes and lack of underwear...who knew there could be so much joke fodder right there!)
  • Makeshift tables can be made out of old doors, and our family brings way too much food to the Sunday potluck.
  • Never let Mike Magellan take you looking for the spring. His infallible sense of direction is gone after a few summer beers.
  • There is nothing like morning coffee with sleepy eyed cousins, unless it is breakfast cooked by the Boy Scout Brother and the French Toast Chef.
  • Little kids (high school and younger) can't seem to resist the draw of the camp fire or the s'mores.
  • Our family and the setting just couldn't be much better! Long live the Camp Out Tradition.


elk said...

love the contrasting images ~as you say both wonderful!

Puna said...

That is one big family! It looked like a great time. I have no family near by.

Gayle said...

Can you adopt me into your family? That looks like such fun!