Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday's Favorites

There have been a few good moments this week. (There have been a few I'd like to forget, too!)
  1. Sweet corn is ready for the picking and eating around here. There is nothing like an ear of buttered corn! We made it on the grill this week.

2. Bud Light Lime was a refreshing drink while waiting for the corn and steak to grill. (The Mr. spoiled me a bit!) 3. I took in a "Harry Potter 6" matinee today. The movie (and the book) were a little dark for the little ones in attendance, but I am in the mood to read book 7 again now.

4. K, L & I had lunch together in J town one day this week.

5. After lunch, the three of us hit a cute little store in town. K was looking for something specific, which of course she didn't find. L, on the other hand, bought a cute white pitcher and had the owner create a hydrangea arrangement for it. The store is absolutely darling. Right now, they have all the late summer and fall things out--sunflowers and pumpkins were my favorites. Two men own the store and have impeccable taste. They will close the store for a week in September and then have a Christmas Open House the next weekend. They clear out the entire store, paint the walls, and decorate with all their Christmas wares. It is a great place to find thoughtful gifts.

I didn't spend a dime in the store. (That should probably be number 6!) I'm not sure I have ever gone in and walked out empty handed before. I didn't really 'need' anything, and I'm still operating on the less-is-more theory or the one-in-one-out theory.

6. I have broken the Diet Pepsi habit once and for all. It just isn't worth the heartburn or acid reflux, or whatever the heck I was having! Now if I could only quit biting my nails!

Now for what I'd like to forget:

I entered the wrong pin number for my debit card. Twice. In a row. Argh! When you do that your account goes 'warm,' which means they won't authorize it until you call the bank and tell them what happened. In other words, it doesn't tell you it is rejected--only unathorized. (Big whoop! The card won't work either way!) The bank assumes someone is trying to use your card, not that you are just an idiot and can't remember the right number. Call them and they can reinstate you. Unfortunately, it took three days this week to get it all straightened out! Numbers got changed, but the 'warm' label did not get taken off until the next call, and then... blah, blah, blah!

L isn't going to be able to move until the very end of the month, but has to be out of the duplex sooner. Now her things are going to be moved here, stored, then taken back for the move. We can, however, get in to paint her room while the contractors are working. Let the fun begin!

Finally, I woke up at 4:30 two days to deliver the newspapers. I think I am still recovering!

Yep, it has been a week!


Alicia said...

Sounds like you've had a bit of Wonderful this week! ... except the card thing... which I'm not sure if my card does that because I think I've entered the number wrong multiple times in a row before.

Stressful about the moving stuff! It's always a hassle, but lucky for you guys, there haven't been a ton of moves recently... here on our end, we move more than necessary!

Have a great Friday and weekend!

2Thinks said...

The j,k,l,m outing to the store looks like it was a load of fun! Corn. Yum. Cut off the cob for me, but I already told you that before.

Card? I have so much trouble with debit card readers and pin #'s I need a whole blog just for those stories.

Sorry about the move mess. Oh boy. The things we do for these kids, I tell ya.

Fash is going to that Harry Potter movie tomorrow.
Have a great weekend!

ch said...

i envy your diet pepsi abandonment...right now it's still my life-giving development of heartburn, but i'm willing to steal Prevacid from the kid's stash if it comes to that...

Shawna said...

You should see the Turkish men pushing their carts with sweet corn in the streets :) and I think I'm going to see the HP movie tomorrow. But I hope there are subtitles or the movie will be lost on me! I didn't even read the book. I'm very behind on reading.

Also, my credit card isn't working at all over here :( I don't know why!!! So I feel your pain.

Shawna's Study Abroad

Gayle said...

What a great bunch of favorites! That store looks so cute. Good for you for not buying anything. I'm on the less is more theory here, too!

I don't know the pin number for my debit card either. I was told I need to go into the bank and see someone at a desk. Ick! I still haven't done it (for months now!)

Ragamuffin Gal said...

That corn on the cob and icy beer looks so wonderful that after reading the post above it, I am ready to eat all over again ~ what are you doing to us Mrs. E.? I cannot wait to see the new HP movie, just waiting until the lines dwindle a bit. Finally, don't get me started on the pin and password memorizing. I have lots of little memory games to help me keep track of them all. Have another fantastic week!