Wednesday, October 6, 2010

September 30th Ceremony and Dinner

After the pictures at the barn, we drove about three miles to where the Mr., CT's family, my little big brother (LBB), and friend M were waiting for us. 

During the summer when we had discussed the small, family-only wedding, K had expressed the only thing she hated was that M wouldn't be there.  She had always imagined M at her wedding.  She said it wouldn't be fair to have one of her friends without CT having one of his so they were keeping it to just immediate family.  L immediately went home and called M to see if she would be able to come and surprise K.  M said she didn't care what night of the week, when, or where it was-- she would be there.  I got ahold of CT's best friend and made arrangements for him to join us, too.  At the last minute, he and his fiance couldn't make it, so it was just M.  (And CT didn't mind.  He was just happy for K that M was there.) 

The Mr. helped M hide so that K wouldn't see her until the photographer could capture the moment.  I think K was pretty touched that M would be there.  It meant M had to travel several hours with a 10 week old baby.  There were lots of hugs and tears of joy when K saw M.  It was a great surprise that L had pulled off.

The photographer took quite a few family photos and about 45 minutes later, we were finally ready for the actual wedding.
K and CT found out in May that because LBB is a municipal judge that he could marry them.  So they asked uncle LBB to perform the ceremony.  He and I have always been close, so I loved that he was part of the evening.

When it was time for the ceremony, I was glad the photographer was present.  He took the Mr. and K over to the side and had the rest of us stand as if we were in pews in church.  The Mr. walked K "down the aisle" and gave her away to CT.  LBB's service was beautiful.  K was pretty teary and choked during the vows.  CT was a rock for her, but a bit emotional himself.  The best man stood smiling encouragement to K.  LBB got choked up. CT's mom sniffled, L and I wiped tears, and both dads were pretty misty, too. It was sweet, simple, and touching.

When the ceremony was over and we had taken a few more pictures, everyone but K, CT, and the photographer headed back to Easy Street. The photographer took the newlyweds to a field he had spotted.  He wanted pictures of them in the tall grass.  He knew it would be great for photos and perfect for outdoorsman CT.  Unfortunately, K's dress ended up with sandburs in the crinoline underskirt.  After they returned to the vehicles, CT and the photographer spent about 15 minutes pulling the stickers out of her dress.  She found five or six more when she took it off later that night.

Once I saw the pictures, I was pretty sure it was worth all the stickers.  They are beautiful!
 After their photos, K and CT joined the rest of us at our house for an informal dinner.  We had ordered pasta from an Italian restaurant (tri color tortellini and rotini carbonara), along with their salad and bread.  We also had champagne and a small wedding cake.  A local lady made the cake, and it may be the best cake I have eaten.  Ever.  I didn't take a single picture of the house, our guests, or the dinner.  What was I thinking? 

After the meal, we showed a video of K and CT.  There were pictures of their childhoods, teen and college years, and eventually their year of dating.  We enjoyed getting to know CT's little brother and girlfriend.  And of course, it was good to see CT's folks, M, and my LBB, too. 

At the end of the evening, K and CT left for a hotel in J town where wine and beer were delivered to their room.  It was courtesy of M and her husband, and her other good friend, J and her husband.  (J lives in Chicago, and she and her husband were married on this date, too.)  It was so thoughtful.  All of them would be there on Saturday to help celebrate the marriage, but they wanted to let K know they were thinking of her on her wedding day. 
 Mr. and Mrs. CT were now married, just 15 months after their first date.  (By the way, L called it on their 2nd date.)  Somehow, it didn't really hit me until K changed her last name on Facebook. It's official.  We no longer share the same last name.  K is stuck though.  One look at her and everyone seems to know she's mine!  And if she's as devoted a wife as she has been a daughter, CT is a lucky man.  He will be quite loved, and his world just got a bit more beautiful.


FlowerLady said...

Lovely post, and I love those field photos, definitely worth the stickers.


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Sheila said...

How lovely, those pictures are so good too. How romantic.

SEB said...

Oh Mrs. E you keep making me cry every morning when I read these. I have love looking at the pictures on FB and then with the story on here. What a beautiful day for such beautiful people and families!

Mary said...

I was crying through this whole post (dadgum hormones!)! What a beautiful day it was. You didn't take pictures because you were doing exactly what you were suppose to: enjoying the day with your family!

Doggy Mom said...

Your last comment got me teary eyed :).

Puna said...

Gorgeous photos. I'd love to see the photographer's photos of the dinner! You were just being an excited mom so you don't have time to take pics! So sweet this day. She'll still always be your little girl.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I really thought I was going to get through today's post without choking up until you wrote about how lucky CT is if K is as devoted a wife as she is a daughter. I couldn't help it - teary-eyed again! What a beautiful, blessed family you have, my friend!

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