Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Girls Weekend 2010

Here we are.  Three old friends from the class of 1975. This is year six of the annual Girls Weekend. 

During those six years a parent has died, daughters have married, and husbands retired.  There have been two trips to Europe and one stroke. We get together and catch up on the latest news.  We laugh over how forgetful we're getting.  We look at pictures and gab about the extended families. 

For the last two years, B has invited us to her lake condo.  The view of the lake is beautiful. There is great shopping a few miles away. 

So the weekend goes like this:  meet, drive, talk, arrive, drink wine, talk, eat, talk, drink wine, sleep, talk, drink coffee, eat, talk, shop, shop, shop, talk, talk, talk, drink wine, eat, drink wine....  I imagine you're catching on! 

The older we get, the funnier everything gets.  This year we were talking about taking Ginko Biloba to aide our failing memories.  However, there is fear that we will forget to take it.  I've had a stroke; I'm not sure what their excuse is! 
Here is always the highlight of the trip:  trying to figure out how in the heck the timer on the camera works.  Group photos are usually painful.  And then we get the giggles and all is lost!  Yeah, this year it was my year to try to figure it out.  When you get several photos like the one above, you've got problems!
We've had horrible group pictures for the past six years.  And I'm pretty sure that isn't going to change during the next few years.  This is one constant we can count on.

Some of my favorite moments are spent enjoying the autumn view of the lake: sunrise, fishermen, and the lights across the lake in the evening.

Weekends like this convince me that time is the one thing every relationship needs.  Sometimes you have to work at making time for friendships.  Oh, and a glass of wine or a cup of coffee doesn't hurt either!


Mary said...

Your girls' weekend sounds a lot like our sisters' weekend! The pictures of the lake are gorgeous!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

What a fun weekend! I'm glad you made the time to catch up with those near and dear to you. Time really is precious and there's no better way to spend it than laughing with friends.