Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kind of Uhmmm... Exciting, I Guess

The Mr. and I are slowly falling apart.  *sigh*

A couple of weeks ago, the Mr. had a red spot on his eyelid that we assumed was a stye.  I caught a glimpse of this "stye" yesterday and demanded requested that he go to the doctor. 

The doctor said it wasn't a stye.  He prescribed antibiotics and made an appointment with an opthamologist to have it removed if it doesn't go away.  Appointment date?  December 16th.  Seriously??!!  Let's hope the antibiotics take care of it.  Gads!

Then there is me and the lovely tooth problems.

The tooth that I need to have extracted has been feeling rather "interesting" lately.  The extraction appointment date is November 30th. (What is it with these incredible "wait" times?)

Said tooth has had moments of dull pain.  The pain doesn't last more than about five minutes or so and only happens once in awhile.

Yesterday at lunch I discovered that the filling in the tooth can be lifted up out of the tooth. Only one small corner of the filling is still attached to the tooth.  Well, let me just say:  that explains a lot! 

What if it comes out completely?!! 

So...28 days and holding for me.  And the Mr. has a month and a half.  Yikes!



Anonymous said...

SUPER GLUE.....for the tooth NOT "MY" Mr.s eye!!!

Mary said...

If the filling is falling out won't they get you in sooner?
I feel your pain, sister! :D

Margie said...

make lots of chicken soup and freeze it. what else can you do but be prepared.

Puna said...

Ouch. I hope those dates come quickly!

2Thinks said...

Oh dear, sadly I can picture both of these dilemmas. I am putting off til tomorrow on a few falling off parts myself. I so hate to hear the truth sometimes. But tomorrow I will be submitting to a finger prick and blood pressure test. Ugh.

Mari said...

Hi there hope all is well, I've been missing from the bloging world for some time, but I'm back in a new corner, come by and say hi :)

Relyn said...

Oh man! That stinks. I'll be thinking of you guys.