Wednesday, March 2, 2011

None of the News We Need To Know

Anyone else out there think that if our media quit covering the Lindsey Lohans, Charlie Sheens, and Westboro Baptist protesters of our world that they might go away?  Publicity seems to be what they are seeking.  My students would call them "attention whores."  As much as I hate the expression, it fits.

How about if we quit giving the idiots of our world what they are after?  

OK.  Thank you for that brief moment of venting.  And now back to our regularly scheduled assessments.


Anonymous said...

How true, how true!! When the protesters came to our town, no media would take pictures of them to put in our paper- they left!! BJB

Dandy said...

I don't watch any of it. I barely turn on my TV except to watch movies.

Drives me crazy

Dandy said...

Although, it's all over the internet

Mary said...

That's exactly what I told CH today...if the media wouldn't pay attention to it, it would just go away.

holybovine said...

I think media knows that, but they put it on anyway because people do watch and comment. Look at Charlie Sheen's twitter account. 2,500 new follwers a minute. A minute! That's one million followers in a 24 hour time period. Nuts!

To top it off, he makes money with his postings (Who is the crazy one???):, which tells me he's not in it out of the goodness of his tigerblood-fed heart or for his fans.

Anyway - totally agree with you, but it's like watching a train wreck. It's difficult to turn your head the other way.

puna said...

Amen! Who is Charlie Sheen?