Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Spring Rush

Every year I forget about this.  And now it is beginning again. 

Spring sports and activities pull students out of classes at an alarming rate.  FCCLA, FFA, golf, tennis, track, softball, and baseball all have crazy spring schedules.  Throw in music contests and class field trips, an AR movie and a high honor roll trip.  I'm lucky to see some students in my afternoon classes a couple of days a week. 

Staying on top of make-up work is dizzying!  It's hard on kids.  It's hard on teachers, too.  My organization skills are stretched to the max.  I imagine the same is true for the busy students. 

It's only for a month.  It will be over soon. 

Did I mention that I am gone from my classes two days this week to grade district writing assessments? If it isn't bad enough that the kids are gone--now the teacher is gone, too!

I will survive this.  I will survive this.  I love my job.  I love my job.

Rinse.  Lather.  Repeat as necessary.



Mary said...

You have the same mantra I do this time of year! (I love my job!)

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Add a nice tall glass of wine next your gorgeous (!!) new purse. Repeat at necessary. lol

You'll survive if anyone can, Mrs. E!