Saturday, December 31, 2011

Add Another One To The List

I guess I can add one last low to 2011.  Darn it. 

A beautiful former student of mine was killed in a car accident last night.  A graduate of 1987, she was on my cheer squad-- and to be honest, she looked like she still could be.  Absolutely beautiful. 

She still lived in the community and had become a friend.  She has children in our school system.  I am just sick. 

Teaching seems to mean that every student who passes through my doors owns just a little bit of my heart.

My heart hates this.



Beth said...

I am so sorry. You commented on my blog when I lost a student Feb. before last. She was 17. I wear a bracelette with her name and dates on it--I don't take it off to even shower. She touched my heart so completely.
I know of ones now that even though they are out of school, married, and parents would affect me deeply. Yes, if you're truly a good teacher who has the gift of teaching (which I believe you are), then students own bits of your heart.
It's so hard to lose them, but I'm thankful to care enough in the first place that it would hurt to lose one.
My heart and prayers go out to you and her family, friends, and community.

FlowerLady said...

Dear Mrs. E ~ I am so sorry to hear this news about a former student and friend of yours.

Love, hugs and prayers for you and her family at this time.


Hays Family 5 said...

Yet again, we share mutual people. Her young niece is a special friend of mine, as is her brother and his wife and my heart just hurts for them. We had special intentions for the family last night at church so I know lots of people are praying for them.