Friday, December 30, 2011

Guilty Pleasures for Christmas Vacation 2011

There have been a number of guilty pleasures this break:

*I've had sugar cookies with my morning cup of coffee.  Thank goodness the darn things are about gone.

*Part of the gift that K, CT, and Lady Bug gave us was three free months of Netflix.  I have watched at least one movie a day--and sometimes two.  I can avoid a lot of bowl games by watching a movie on my computer. And now I can watch Netflix on our Wii and also on our Blue-ray disc player.

*Project Runway.  Do not ask me how I discovered the "Project Runway" marathon.  It was like a train wreck.  I couldn't stop watching. 

*Sleeping in until 6:30 every single morning.  Baxter got a new bed for Christmas, and he sleeps in now.  (He also hasn't chewed it to pieces yet, or even pulled it around the house!  Progress!)  How am I ever going to get back in a school routine?

*Holding the Lady Bug as much as possible.  She might be a bit spoiled.  Her mama and daddy are fighting the "wanting to be held while sleeping" problem.  Her babysitter said she screamed like she was being killed when was laid on a blanket on the floor.  Uh oh!  Well.  It was fun while it lasted!

Only a few more days of vacation--wonder how many more guilty pleasures I can cram into this break?!!

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Mary said...

The 2 younger boys stayed up all night a couple of nights ago watching Heroes on Netflix. I tend to watch quite a bit during the summer and winter weekends.
Teachers go back next Tues. I was wondering the same thing this morning: How am I going to get back in the routine? I was up at 7:00, but stayed in my jamas playing Words/Hanging with Friends until 10:00!