Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Birthday Girl

We're celebrating L's birthday on Easy Street.  There will be early morning phone calls and a meeting for dinner out on the town.   Her favorite part of the day will be that the Lady Bug is going to be in on the dinner plans.  Auntie L is fairly smitten.  I have a hunch she will be one of the Bug's favorite people for years to come.
It was love at first sight for those two.  Kind of like it was for me 29 years ago.  And L is still one of my favorite people.  I have a hunch she always will be.

Happy Birthday, L!  We're pretty proud of you--and we're wishing you a wonderful day and year! 

Love, love, love you!
Mom & Dad


Kim said...

Have fun celebrating with your girls!

Anonymous said...

THIS Auntie is PROUD of THAT Auntie too!! Love you Lizzie Lou!!

Simply Happy said...

Just back for a visit, my how time flies and life changes. Glad to see you are happy and well. Debbie