Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Night

The play is cast.
L and the Bug are coming to Easy Street, while Momma K works a basketball game. (Daddy CT is hunting.)
Chicken Enchiladas are cooking.
Research papers aren't due until Tuesday.
And it's payday!!

Some Fridays are just a tad better than others.


Kim said...

Enjoy your weekend!

Steve Gravano said...

My youngest son was talked into a part in the HS play. His English teacher is giving him a homework pass a week for his part in the play. They are doing West Side Story and at first he was given a walk-on part. He's now Baby John....dancing, singing and everything! Can't wait to see it!

Beth said...

We had a snow day---a particularly wonderful Friday! I just might get all those notebooks graded in time for grade cards next week!:>)