Friday, July 27, 2012

Home Again

I just spent three days at a conference on implementing the Core Standards.  I learned some, but I think our presenter had a day's worth of material she spread over three days.  Quite frustrating.  Not to mention some infantile activities that annoyed the snot right out of me. (I wish.  Allergies are still making my life full of phlegm!)

On the up side, I had a chance to visit with my cousin and saw an old colleague from 30+ years ago.  (He was a great teacher who now works for the State Department, leading teachers in his subject area.)

When I got home, Baxter was quite happy to see me.  I think the Mr. was, too.

One of the first stops after arriving home was to stop in and visit the T's.  The Bug and I bonded over a poopy diaper, part of which ended up on the leg of my pants.  Ugh!  Good thing she is a cute little Bug!  (And she was pretty happy to see her Nana!)

My last few days of summer are filling up rapidly: appointments, babysitting, working with L to get her room ready, picking up costume pieces for the show, and getting my room ready.  The Mr. and I are still hoping to get away for a long weekend.

I'm feeling the weight of Back To School tasks.  My To-Do list grows.  And I want to hang on to these last days and enjoy them.

I've been able to get quite a bit done this summer, but I'm not ready to head back quite yet.

Two weeks. Two weeks.  Two weeks.

It goes so darn fast.  

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I understand. BJB